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Canvas, oil, other materials

105х140 сm


The key to understanding the painting lies in its double name: the heart is at the same time an internal organ responsible for blood circulation, and also it can be perceived as an organ in which a symphony of human feelings and emotions is born. The heart, like a sophisticated musical instrument, is capable of “playing” various melodies - human feelings from simple affections to strong emotions, whose nature is often incomprehensible to the person himself, - this is how the "music of the heart" is born, in which melodies of different moods follow each other or merge into a single, multifaceted composition.

Traditionally, the heart is considered an organ of love: parental, conjugal, and even divine. That is why the heart of each person is able to become a source of enlightenment and spiritual uplift, you only need to tune it in the right way and fill it only with joyful, bright music.

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