canvas, oil, print

100х140 сm


You can believe in the magic of numbers or not, but the number 4 is constantly present in human life: the cardinal points and the seasons, winds and the elements - all of them are subordinate to number 4. In addition, in psychology, it is customary to distinguish 4 temperaments (sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic), 4 main aspects of personality (individual, social, biological characteristics and personal experience), as well as 4 fundamental psychological functions (thinking, feelings, sensations and intuition). Thus, many things are caused by the number 4 both in nature and in human life - this message is hidden in the picture of Yana Kaplan, the central part of which is occupied by four hands, forming the word《LIFE》 in sign language.

However, life is much more complex and diverse, not all of its laws can be summed up with numbers, no matter how magical they may seem. This idea can be seen both in a complex, multi-layered texture of the work, and in other figurative elements oozing through various textures and layers of the background. First of all, the viewer's eye is attracted by a large circle, mottled with runic motifs and intricate patterns - this is a sign of infinity and constant change. The same idea of the natural uncertainty of fate can be read in human faces, which can be distinguished in the upper right corner: there are three people before us, three ages, as if dissolved in the stream of life in order to learn more and more of its depths. Among these individuals, mother and child are highlighted - these are people whose bond is the strongest and purest.


The unifying element for such a multifaceted and complex composition of the work is the gear motive. These mechanical elements, as if hidden among different layers of paint, are designed to give the viewer the idea that all people are only part of a single mechanism - a complex mechanism called “Life”