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100x135 сm

canvas, oil


Since ancient times, the Muses was considered the main symbol of creativity and inspiration: poets and artists, astronomers and historians, dramatists and composers turned to them. In this work, the desire for a muse is shown literally - many hands reach for a giant female figure, trying to reach her, touch her strong body, filled with the energy of creativity and life. The Muse, soaring above the crowd, seems tormented and bleeding, despite all her strength and power. This is an ancient progenitrix, a divine mother, ready to endlessly sacrifice herself for the sake of her children, ready to support and encourage, inspire for feats and great achievements for the benefit of art and science. The sacrificial and at the same time life-giving nature of the Muse is emphasized in red, which makes up the main coloristic emphasis of the work - in combination with white, it becomes the color of life energy, passion and a sincere thirst to create.

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